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The JSC (Junior School Council) is the student Leadership Group at our school. Two students are selected from each class from their peers and teachers. These students have shown that they are responsible, dependable and hardworking. They are able to speak publicity and represent their peers in important whole school matters. We meet every week on a Friday. We look at community concerns and issues and work hard to raise money, food or other items to address some of these needs. We also look at how we can improve our school and make it a better place for everyone.
Here is our mission statement.

JSC Mission Statement:

JSC is made up of a student body, chosen by peers to represent their grades.
We develop ideas for fundraising and run events that will benefit our school and community. We strive to make the school and community a better place.
We look forward to working with the whole school community and making a difference to 2016! We will share our projects and stories on this page. Please check us out regularly to receive the latest updates and news!