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In 2002 Berwick Lodge Primary School became the first Government school in Australia to receive AS/NZS ISO9001:2000 Quality Managements Systems Certification. This means that our school has an internationally recognised level of whole school management. Our twin goals for implementing such a management system are to maximise:

EFFICIENCY of our workload –doing the very best without wasting time and resources
EMPOWERING our staff, parents and students in the decision making processes of our school.

Quality Policy

To ensure the successful realisation of our School Charter, Berwick Lodge Primary School has instituted this quality policy to ensure that:
1. The educational services provided by Berwick Lodge Primary School are suitable for the needs of the school’s interested parties and will wherever possible, exceed these.
2. Berwick Lodge Primary School effectively maintains a quality management system that is as a minimum compliant with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 Quality management systems-requirements.
3. The educational services and administrative functions of Berwick Lodge Primary School comply as a minimum with governmental and societal requirements.
4. Berwick Lodge Primary School staff is responsible for quality and continual improvement and take steps to prevent nonconformity.
5. Berwick Lodge Primary School ensures that all staff has the training, resources, and infrastructure necessary to perform their duties effectively and efficiently.
6. Berwick Lodge Primary School has in place measurable objectives for quality that are determined and reviewed on an ongoing basis by the school council.
7. Berwick Lodge Primary School regards its suppliers as partners and endeavours to maintain close co-operation with them.
8. Berwick Lodge Primary School makes this policy available to staff and other interested parties.

This quality policy complements the school’s other policies on curriculum, human resources and occupational health & safety and business and is reviewed annually by School Council.
The Quality Policy was passed by School Council on 18 February 2002 .

Parent Communication

Parents are very important stakeholders at Berwick Lodge Primary School and are encouraged to provide feedback to the school in a wide range of ways. With our focus on continual improvement, we are always very interested in your ideas and/or concerns. Please feel most welcome to contact the school staff on any matter of concern to you. In many cases direct contact or a telephone call will suffice. Correspondence received by letter or email is certainly appreciated and will be replied to, with an explanation of the outcome. Our school email address is berwick.lodge.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au