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As part of our Prep program this year we will be commencing a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) 2 mornings a week starting later this term. The program will run Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9am – 9.45am in the gymnasium, courtyard and basketball courts.
PMP is a program, which aims to develop a child’s PERCEPTION and UNDERSTANDING of themselves and their world through movement and fine/gross motor experiences.  A Perceptual Motor Program aims to give the child experiences in seeing, hearing, touching, processing, making perceptual judgments and reacting though carefully sequenced activities which children enjoy including running, hopping,  skipping, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing, throwing, catching, bowling, and sliding. The program  uses a variety of commonly found and specially designed equipment.

How can you help?

To run the program we require parent helpers each day. Each parent will have a set  activity to supervise and they will be working with a group of approximately 5 students at a time.  The children rotate through 5 or 6 activities which take 5 minutes per activity to complete.  We have picture cards to assist parents with what the children are required to do and it can be as simple as helping them hold a bean bag on their head and walk a few steps. Other examples of activities include bouncing and catching balls, crawling through tunnels and throwing a beanbag at a target. If you are able to assist, please contact us at school.