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Prep Term 2 2017


Term 2 is going to be another fun and exciting term in Prep! We are learning about safety in our inquiry unit, ‘I’m Okay’. In this unit, we learn about personal, home, school and community safety. We have some very special visits from the CFA, Victorian Police and Paramedics. We are hoping they will bring their special vehicles for us to see! We will also have visits from the Responsible Pet Ownership association, School Crossing Supervisors and we will even attend the Casey Safety Village as our first Prep excursion!


The Prep students will continue learning their M100W, the Magic 100 most used words. We will continue learning letters through our SMART spelling program and will learn the whole alphabet by the end of this term! We are continuing to learn how to write using beginning VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers, Punctuation) strategies. We will start Big Writes this term and we will have Talk Homework like the rest of the school. We will continue developing our Speaking and Listening skills through our Show and Tells! Which is a highlight in every Prep student’s week!


The Prep students will continue to develop their understanding of numbers 1-10 and will develop number concepts for numbers 11-20 as well. We will continue learning and exploring measurement, space, shape and chance and data concepts. We will be learning about length, mass, capacity and area.


This term, we invite Kinder friends to join us in PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) on a Tuesday or Thursday morning. We love PMP and our gross motor skills have really been improving as we play games and learn important skills. We will also be developing our Brain Gym skills.

We continue to participate in exciting activities in all of our specialist programs. This term we will also develop our STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) unit. The Preps will create Solar Powered Emergency Vehicles, create a short video using the green screen and learn to use Scratch Jnr on the Ipads.

We will have a special visit from the Life Ed Van and we are excited to meet Harold the Giraffe! Make sure you visit our classroom blogs to see details of the exciting things we are getting up to!


Prep 2017


Life is exciting and busy for our Preps as we start school! Our Inquiry unit is called, ‘I’m a School Kid Now’ and it’s all about settling into school, learning the rules and routines and establishing themselves as fantastic lifelong learners. We also learn how to make friends and be a good friend to others. We will have a visit from Amy’s Amazing Adventure this term and learn about the importance of manners, telling the truth and making friends.

This term, we will also learn about each other in our second Inquiry unit, “Me and my family”. We will look at each other’s families and how we are all special. This is an important unit, as we understand the backgrounds and cultures that make as who we are.


The Prep students will all participate in the government provided English Online Interview. Following from that, teachers will use Cued Articulation and SMART spelling rules to teach our students the alphabet and their sounds. We will introduce our Golden words from the M100W system (the Magic 100 Most used words) and introduce our daily take-home reading program. We will start introducing VCOP(Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation) ideas and encourage our Preps to start writing recounts and sentences.


The Prep students will participate in Numeracy screening from class teachers. Following from that we will develop their understanding of number concepts 1-10. This includes a range of hands-on activities and number recognition games. We will also discuss and experiment with measurement, chance and data language including learning the days of the week, time concepts and learning about timetables.


In Term 1, everything is new for our Preps. They will get to participate in all specialist programs including ICT (Information Communication and Technology). In the ICT Lab, they will use our desktops and will be introduced to drawing programs such as Tux Paint, Numeracy and Literacy programs such as Targeting Maths and Skoolbo. They will need to develop their hand and eye coordination and learn how to use a mouse.

We will also start our PMP program (Perceptual Motor Program) and Brain Gym this term. This will further develop our Prep’s gross and fine motor skills.

Towards the end of the term, we will have our Easter Hat Parade. This is a real highlight in the Prep Calendar. The Preps will have an amazing day showing their home designed hats in a parade, making Easter related craft and they might even get a special visit!!!