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Term Two In Grade 3 and 4 2017

Term Two is a busy term for Grade 3 as they prepare for their first NAPLAN experience. Students are assessed in the areas of reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. Testing will take place on 9th, 10th and 11th May 2017.

In Writing this term, students will continue to focus on engaging the reader from the very first sentence. They will learn that by creating a ‘sizzling start’ to their writing, the reader will want to keep on reading their text. The implementation of regular ‘Big Write Talk Homework’ will continue this term. The writing focus in Term 2 will be persuasive text and descriptive writing. ‘Talk Homework’ will be distributed a few days prior to the Big Write session. Try to find time to sit with your child and discuss the writing prompt in order to prepare them for Big Write.

This term we commence Maths Streaming across the Grade 3 and 4 level. Each Wednesday and Friday Grade 3 students will work in maths groups based on their current abilities. Grade 4 Maths streaming takes place on Wednesdays. These sessions enable teachers to provide a differentiated curriculum, which targets specific numeracy learning opportunities to students’ current needs and abilities. The focus of Maths streaming sessions this term will be Number and Algebra.

The Grade 3 inquiry learning unit is ‘Making Life Easier’ which looks at how we use objects that have been invented by others in our daily lives. Students will look at a range of inventions and will become an inventor themselves by designing a product that will help make our lives easier. At the end of term they will showcase this work in an Inventor’s Expo.

Grade 4 students will understand that communications technology has and will continue to play a significant part in their lives. They will be investigating many forms of communication and how it has changed over time and make predictions about the future.  They will work collaboratively in a group to communicate the happenings in their class to the wider community. E.g. a newsletter, classroom page on the Berwick Lodge website.

The science focus during term two is Physical Science. Grade 3 will investigate Heat Energy and Grade 4 will explore Force and Motion. To enhance students understanding of these topics, ‘Hands On Science’ will visit the Grade 3 and 4s in early in term 2 to present an interactive workshop to each class relating to their physical science unit of study.

Grade 3 and 4 students have had a positive start to first term. The teachers have been revising key learning from the previous year and establishing new routines through our ‘Learning to Learn’ inquiry unit. This unit prepares students for the year ahead. They look at what makes a good learner and what helps or hinders learning. They also explored their learning styles and the learning community of their classroom and the 3/4 area.

This term Grade 3s will have a visit by Carp Productions who will present a performance titled ‘Marvellous Me’. Through this play, students will recognise that we all have special qualities, which makes us unique, and that it is ok to make mistakes – that is how we learn!

Through the inquiry learning unit ‘As We Grow’, Grade 3 students examine their physical development in detail; for example, changes in their height. They develop an understanding of human development across the lifespan as they explore the stages of growth. They also look at the roles and expectations of people that arise from gender, culture and age.

As part of the ‘Healthy Body, Mind and Soul’ unit, Grade 4 students reflect on the importance of healthy eating, participation in physical activity and mindfulness for their physical, social and emotional health. They begin to explore how their emotions are affected by the way they view themselves, identifying factors that affect, positively or negatively, their sense of identity and self-worth. As an introduction to this unit, Supreme Incursions will visit the school and run a Mind and Body session with the students. They will learn about ways to improve physical strength & flexibility in new and fun ways and learn how breathing and relaxation can assist them to regulate their own emotions and become more mindful.

In Science, Grade 3 students will investigate how the Earth’s rotation causes regular changes such as night and day. Grade 4 will explore how the Earth’s surface changes over time as a result of natural processes such as weathering and erosion, as well as human activity.

This term some Grade 3 and 4 classes are involved in a Mindfulness program where they participate in guided meditations. Students have responded positively to the program and look forward to the opportunity to relax and quieten their mind. We are using the ‘Smiling Mind Education Program’ for ages 7 to 9. (For more information visit www.smilingmind.com.au)